Update to this new software version is available over the air to VBox devices with version 2.48 or newer.

What’s New

Previous Releases

VBox TV Gateway Software Version 2.57

Update to this software version is available over the air on devices with version 2.48 or newer

VBox TV Gateway Software Version 2.55

Update to this software version is available over the air on devices with version 2.48 or newer

New features


Live TV app new features

General performance and design improvements  


VBox TV Gateway Software Version 2.53

Update to this software version is available over the air on devices with version 2.48 or newer

Note - Unicable device owners - upgrading to this version requires resetting the device to factory default and running Quick Setup again

New features


VBox TV Gateway Software Version 2.50

Update to this software version is available over the air on devices with version 2.48

New features


VBox TV Gateway Software Version 2.48

New consumer features

Series recordings – Never miss a show again, now you have an option of scheduling a single TV program or the whole TV series in just a click of a button

Remote access – VBox makes it simple to access your live and recorded TV shows, movies and sports. Whether in the home or on the go, with a VBox device connected at home you can take your TV with you on your mobile device, PC and Mac.

LCN – Automatic channel sorting

TV and Radio channel sorting – Separate channel list for TV and Radio

New quick setup – New quick setup for 2nd generation XTi-3342 with DVB-T2

Improved recording database – Recording databased is now stored on your storage device.

Ecosystem – You can now watch live and recorded TV, set recordings and view program guide from many devices such as Samsung Smart TV, iOS, Android mobile and Set-top-box, PC and Mac from all major web browsers and all-supported Kodi 15 platforms, Windows,Mac, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi , OpenELEC, Linux and KodiBuntu.
For more information make sure to visit our Apps page - http://www.vboxcomm.com/players.html  

Advanced users

EPG via DVB EIT – Get the full DVB Event Information Table (EIT) directly to your TV server app, such as TVheadend

XMLTV – Connect your TV server to the automatically generate XMLTV EPG, freely received by the TV Gateway from the broadcast TV stream

m3u channel playlist – Receive the channel list via UPnP or m3u playlist

Single channel transport stream – Receive the full channel transport stream (SPTS) with its PIDs

Customized stream - The VBox Home TV Gateway is an advanced TV server, capable of processing the TV signal and provides you with just the right information, saving you both - the player CPU power and your network traffic.

Multiple streams to single device – The Home TV Gateway can now stream multiple TV channels to your TV server PVR application, replacing the need for multiple TV cards.

-          Added keypad support to zap to channel by its number

-          Added support for LCN

·          Manage the numbers in web apps (QuickSetup & Mange)

·         Add settings option in LiveTV App to enable display channel number as LCN, and zap in keypad by the LCN

-          Added support for exposing programs that broadcasted part of the day and have empty PMT on the scan (Freeview case)

-          Added Streaming status errors indication in LiveTV when failed to watch channel

-          Support for 3372 ATSC board (Express Setup, Add channels in Manage etc.)

-          After changing System Time the EPG is being rescan

-          Added CAM selection page to Manage -> "CAM Settings" page

-          Added timeout to close the popup after SW is being update with cleanup

-          Updated the channels icons in the Channel list (same as in LiveTV)

-          Added duplicate PIDs mechanism called "Shared PID" expose by XLV and XTi web interface. By default mode is disabled

-          Added Recording Settings page as the last page in the QuickSetup/ExpressSetup fllow

-          Added to QuickSetup/ExpressSetup Country/region/daylight saving time/time zone selection

-          Updated Satellite transponder list

-          Added to LiveTV App wrapping on channels list in the Live TV and Guide pages (from last to first and vice versa)

-          Added to LiveTV App Auto rolling if program description is to long to be display + mouse over freeze the rolling

-          Added to LiveTV App check for online SW update availability, and show popup to user, upon pressing OK open the SW Update Manage Page

-          Fixed memory leaks (as result of not releasing file descriptors)

-          Fixed selection of duplicate transponders with the same service to be chosen by SNR

-          Fixed time zone didn't change in Manage App (always works in DTD mode)

-          Fixed LiveTV App to fully support IE and Firefox

-          Removed (for 3330/32/40/50) the first step of "Device Settings" in QuickSetup

-          Fixed QuickSetup setting CAM - set to wrong tuner

-          Fixed RecordTS utility to work longer before getting into missing resources

-          Moved the turn on the red Led on shutdown to be the lask operation on shutdown (instead on daemon stop)