About VBox

Where Digital Broadcast and New Media Converge

Innovative, end-to-end firmware, software, and hardware solutions from VBox empower broadcast providers, telcos, and integrators to harness the converged power of digital broadcast and new media - growing revenues, streamlining operations, and delivering a better end user experience. VBox incorporates the power of DVB to IP expertise with IP over DVB knowledge to upgrade the viewer's experience.

For home, enterprise, and retail usage, VBox enables cost-effective delivery of a truly converged content experience – encompassing traditional Free2Air broadcast, pay TV, new media, OTT (Over the Top), streaming live broadcasts, and other content, and enabling integration of custom and advertising content. Converged content is simply and securely distributed to standard TVs, IP set-top boxes ,PCs, Internet-connected TVs, tablets, and other devices via standard home or enterprise network gateways.

A Clear Market Need

In the home market, the days of the simple set-top box are over. According to recent market research, almost 75% of consumer broadband households want to acquire all their video content, including live broadcast TV, from their pay-TV service provider. To meet this need, digital broadcast providers need to deliver cost-effective, easily-implemented solutions that seamlessly integrate with the home network, effectively creating a TV gateway in the home. Establish a DVB to IP Gateway.

For enterprise, retail, hospitality, and other large organizations, delivery of live TV, rich media, and customized digital content is key to maintaining end user satisfaction, building brand value, streamlining communications, and maximizing return on investment in media infrastructure. Embed Your Enterprise with Rich Media Content.

Seasoned Management, Solid Backing

Founded in 2001, VBox Communications has gained recognition as an expert in digital TV and new media convergence solutions. The company is headquartered in Herzeliya, Israel. The company's solutions are deployed in top-tier broadcast providers and enterprises worldwide.

The seasoned VBox management team brings broad and multidisciplinary experience from the content, telecommunications, and broadcast markets. Complementing the management are experienced and professional technical teams who together constitute a creative, professional and motivated industry-leading force.

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