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VBox EPG Premium Service

Now on a special promotion for UK residents only!
VBox EPG Premium Service is FREE for 6 months
No credit card needed!

VBox EPG Premium Service takes you to the very next level of entertainment experience
With the EPG Premium Service - YOU WILL NEVER MISS A THING!

What is EPG? Why do I need it?


VBox TV Gateway allows you to watch, record and set reminders to Live TV broadcast received Over-The-Air. In order to do so, VBox users need to select the desired TV show or any live content, based on the electronic program guide (EPG) which displays the schedule for each and every channel.


You can use EPG from 3 different sources:

1. Basic over-the-air EPG provided by the channels.

2. EPG service provided by a third party.

3. EPG Premium service by VBox.


VBox EPG Premium Service


Our EPG Premium Service enables you to enjoy 7-14 DAYS electronic program guide that will make it easy for you to discover new shows, set long-time reminders, set one-time or series recordings. Our program guide provides all the information about live TV shows, episodes & series synopses that make it easy for you to browse content and set recordings on your VBox device. The EPG service comes in addition to the basic Over-The-Air EPG and will extend your TV program guide to the MAX.


With the VBox EPG Premium Service, you will receive a complete & full recording experience  – YOU WILL NEVER MISS A THING!

Basic EPG  VS.  Premium EPG



What’s included in the EPG Premium Service?



The comparison chart shows which features are included with your VBox Android TV with basic EPG & EPG Premium Service. Some features are dependent on the guide data available and on your location.

How to register?


In order to add the EPG Premium service to your VBox device all you need to do is:


Step 1: Check that your VBox software version is Up To Date.


Step 2: Enter the Web interface through the internet browser on your PC/Computer.

Go to: Network>Media Devices > Your VBox device > double click  or  right Click-View device webpage.


Step 3: Run the Quick Setup Wizard and follow the instructions on the screen.

The registration to the EPG Premium service is combined in the Quick Setup Wizard and it is now FREE for 6 months! No credit card needed.


If you have any problem with the process, please send us an email to: support@vboxcomm.com


Supported Apps and Devices