How To Setup VBox PVR Add-On Live TV in Kodi 17 Krypton

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How to watch and record live TV on Kodi

Kodi is an award-winning free media center for playing videos, music, TV, pictures, games, and more, there are many ways to bring live TV into Kodi, however if you are looking for a simple, high quality, buffering free Live TV expirirence, the solution is to use a supported "PVR backend".

The VBox TV Gateway is a network TV router and PVR converting the broadcast singal from your Aerial (Terrestrial), Cable or Satellite to IP and stream it accross your home network.
A single VBox can be connected to multiple Kodi players, allowing you to watch and record live TV in full broadcast queality directly from Kodi.

The VBox TV Gateway advantages:

  • Simple setup using the VBox PVR add-on found in Kodi
  • Watch Live TV direcctly on Kodi - in full broadcast quality
  • Record - live, schedule and series TV
  • Program Guide
  • Timeshift
  • Channel icons
  • Sort channels by LCN (channel number)
  • Genre colors
  • TV anywhere - stay connected even when you're on the road
  • Cast program and recording from VBox live TV apps to your Kodi
  • and more 


Installation Guide - 

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Download Kodi

1. Get the latest Kodi version for your device

2. Install Kodi

Kodi main on addon
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How to enable PVR add-ons in Kodi 17 Krypton

1. Connect the Kodi to the same router as your VBox 

2. Run Kodi

3. Go to Add-ons

my add ons with pvr addons
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4. Select My add-ons

5. And go to the PVR Clients

add on pvr list
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6. Find the VBox TV Gateway PVR Client

7. Click on it to configure the PVR add-on


add on configiration
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Configuring the VBox TV Gateway Live TV PVR add-on for Kodi

1. Go to Configure

add on connection settings
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2. Select "Connection (Internal) to enter the VBox's IP address

add on ip ddress
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3. Enter your VBox IP address


To Find The VBox IP Address, Run One Of The VBox Free Live TV Apps For IOS/Android/Windows 10/Firefox

Or Look In Your Router's DHCP Setting

4. Press Done to accept the IP address

add on with ip
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4. Press OK to complete the add-on setup

add on settings page
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4. Press "Enable" to start the add-on 

5. Wait until Kodi finishes to collect all the TV channels, recordings and TV guide

add on enabled
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6. Verify that the add-on is enabled

You can now go to "TV" to watch and record live TV

    Live TV with channel list


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