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The VBox Android TV Gateway and The VBox TV Gateway Live TV & DVR tuners

are now available with Plex!

Watch, record and recast Live TV broadcast channels with the VBox Android TV Gateway and the VBox TV Gateway-
all compatible with Plex!

Streaming from worldwide TV sources- DVB-T/T2/S/S2/C/ISDB-T/ATSC.

Choose the VBox that's right for you

All the VBox devices compatible with Plex:

Learn more at Product Comparison

VBox Android TV
Gateway for Satellite

XTi 4134 for DVB-S/S2


VBox Android TV
Gateway for Aerial/Antenna

XTi 4144 for DVB-T/T2


VBox Android TV
Gateway for Cable

XTi 4144 for DVB-C


VBox Android TV Gateway
for Over-The-Air Antenna

XTi 4174 for ATSC


VBox TV Gateway for Cable

XTi 3452


VBox TV Gateway for Terrestrial – DVB-T/T2

XTi 3442


Android TV

Live TV



On the GO

Plex Live TV & DVR


Watch and record Live broadcast TV directly on your device up to 4k.


The VBox devices are Plex certified DVR Tuners compatible for Plex Media Servers with the DVR functionality in different regions and TV sources- Antenna, Satellite and Cable TV. The VBox simply connects to Plex servers allowing you to watch and record your favorite Over-The-Air (OTA)/ Free-To-Air (FTA) broadcast television in high broadcast quality, free from monthly charges and without effecting the bandwidth.


To watch or record OTA/FTA broadcasts with Plex, all you need is a VBox device (version 2.64 and up), Plex Pass subscription and a TV source. To learn more, follow our Plex Installation Guide.

Supported Apps and Devices