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V@Home works with many devices you already own – Just sit back and enjoy Live and Recorded TV



Bring the power of the VBox TV Gateway, add Free and Paid Live TV and PVR, to any device and app!

The VBox TV Gateway is the most advanced TV Router and Network PVR
1. TV Router - Network tuner that streams Live TV channels to your devices anywhere in the world
2. Network PVR - Record live TV or schedule a future program or series TV and share between your devices

To find out how to enhance your devices and apps with Live TV and Recordings press on the device below:

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PC & Mac PC Mac Live TV

Kodi download

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Plex is now available on VBox TV Gateway

VBox users are now able to watch and record Live TV broadcast using Plex.

To celebrate the integration, Plex is currently offering a 30 days free Plex Pass to all VBox users.
Click here to enjoy this benefit.

Plex is currently supported with the following VBox models:
XTi 3442 DVB T2
XTi 3452 DVB C
XTi 3332 DVB S2

What you need to do:
1. Download Plex Beta version
2. Send VBox support (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) a request to get VBox Beta version supporting Plex, please don't forget to include your VBox Serial Number
3. After you have installed both, go to VBox back end, under "Streaming" go to "IPTV", check the "Enable Plex" check box and submit.
VBox will restart and you are good to go.

Watch on your Big Screen TV

Bring Live TV to your Smart TV over wired or WiFi network, using the free VBox Live TV app for Android box, Xbox One and Kodi TV or connect directly with your TV's UPnP

Android TV logo   

Bring Live TV to your Android TV - Smart TV or Streamer. With the VBox Live TV app or Google Live Channels app 

No more cables - One app, one remote, all your TV channels

 Google Live Channels    VBox Live TV
Sony Android TV with VBox Live Channels   Sony Android TV with VBox Live TV
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Download your prefered VBox app from the Google Play store, connect a network cable
from the Android TV to your router, or go totally wireless!
Once you’re connected, the rest is all built-in to the VBox TV Gateway

  • Watch and Record live TV in full broadcast quality
  • Zapping between all your live TV channels was never easier
  • Record future programs and share between your devices
  • Use your TVs remote control to navigate
  • Discover new TV programs with the program guide and info

Sony    Philips logo wordmark    nvidia logo horizontal    Xiaomi Logo

Check the link for more information and a list of Android TV devices






VBox Live TV app for Android Set-Top-Box

Bring live TV and recordings to your Android Box

VBox Live TV STBDownload the free VBox LiveTV for Set-Top-Box (beta) App from the Google Play store to your Android Streamer box or Android powered Smart TV

  • Navigate with your remote control (5 buttons and more)
  • Watch high quality live TV
  • Record live and scheduled TV programs
  • View the free TV Program Guide (EPG)

All right from your TV screen.

Recommended hardware for Full HD viewing - Quad Core A9 1.6GHz, GPU - Mali 400MP, 2GB RAM, Android KitKat 4.4





vbox live tv dvr xbox one

xbox one logo

VBox Live TV app for Xbox One and Xbox One S

Bring live TV and recordings to your Xbox game console

VBox Live TV STBDownload the free VBox LiveTV for Xbox (beta) App from the Microsoft store to your Xbox One

  • Navigate with your remote control or gamepad
  • Watch high quality live TV
  • Record live and scheduled TV programs
  • View the free TV Program Guide (EPG)

All right from your TV screen.

Learn more




VBox Fire Live TV with channels

amazon firetv

Bring Live TV and recordings to your Amazon Fire device (Fire TV 4K, Fire TV stick and Fire tablet)

VBox Live TV STBDownload the free VBox Live TV app for Android from the following link (apk) to your Amazon Fire device.
Alternatively, you can download from the Amazon App Store Plex or MrMc.

  • Navigate with your remote control or gamepad
  • Watch high quality live TV
  • Record live and scheduled TV programs
  • View the free TV Program Guide (EPG)

All right from your TV screen.

Learn more

VBox Mobile and PC Applications

The VBox TV Gateway is a powerful TV WEB Server. Using the VBox Live TV application you can watch live TV, view EPG and program guide, record live and future programs and more. Press here to learn more about the VBox@TV app

Mobile Devices


Watch and Record Live TV straight from your Mobile device 

Download the free VBox@TV app to tap into the V@Home Live TV Stream.

With the VBox@TV you can watch live and recorded shows, discover new programs, use it as the ultimate TV remote and configure your V@Home TV Gateway to add, remove or rearrange TV channels. The VBox@TV is available for free on Apple App store and Google Play.

googleplay    googleplay    




PC and Mac


Enhance your Kodi with Live TV and PVR capabilities 

Use the VBox advanced PVR Add-on and take full control directly from Kodi

- VBox TV Gateway is an advanced network Kodi PVR backend
- Enable the VBox TV Gateway PVR add-on available from Kodi v15
- Watch and record live TV
- Use the free EPG processed by the TV Gateway from your TV service provider or add an external EPG source
- Timeshift - pause or rewind back to never miss a moment

Press here to download the latest Kodi for PC, Mac, Android, Linux and iOS - Download Kodi
Press here to learn more about the VBox TV Gateway - Kodi PVR add-on

Press here to learn how to setup Kodi with VBox PVR add-on



Windows 10 Logo

  English Get it Win 10

Bring Live TV and Recordings to your Windows 10 PC 

Using the free VBox Live TV app (beta) for Windows 10 available on the Windows store 

- Watch Live TV and zap between channels 
- Navigate using touch, mouse and keyboard
- Record live TV, future programs and series TV 
- Discover programs in the TV guide grid
- New enhanced design

Win 10 VBox Live TV Program Guide   Win 10 VBox Live TV Program Info   Win 10 VBox Live TV Synopsis   Win 10 VBox Live TV Zap Channels
TV Guide   PVR Functionality   Program Information   Watch and zap Live TV


Internet Explorer 40 Safari Logo 40  

WEB Browser

Manage, Watch Live and Recorded TV directly from your WEB browser

Point your WEB browser to the VBox TV Gateway and instantly add live TV and recordings to your PC 

- Internet Explorer - From Version 10
- Safari - for Mac and PC

Press here to learn how to 
watch Live TV on your PC / Mac web browser

Requires VLC WEB plugin version 2.2.1 and up enabled 

VBox web live TV sml2

mac os logo  

Setting up on Mac

Type the VBox IP address in Safari to watch and record live TV straight from your Mac

VLC web plugin on Mac is not part of VLC player.
To download Mac VLC web plugin press here

Google ChromeOpera web browser firefox 30


Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera*

In Google Chrome and Opera you can schedule recording and manage the VBox

* Google and Firefox have removed NPAPI plugin support. NPAPI is used by many plugins including VLC which is required in order to watch live TV on a web browser. VLC is working to include support for the replacing proprietary APIs and once it becomes available we will resume live TV playback on Google Chrome and Firefox.
For now, we recommend using Kodi and the VBox free live TV apps 

3rd Party Servers, Applications and Devices

The V@Home supports many 3rd party UPnP enabled PVR servers, applications and UPnP devices allowing you to watch TV on your terms
The VBox TV Gateway provides many different ways to connect, choose your favorite way and instantly tune to high quality HDTV live TV

The V@Home is an advanced TV server, capable of processing the TV signal and provide you with just the right information that you need, saving you both - the player CPU power and your network traffic.
You can choose from letting the V@Home process the data for you - and provide only the right video, audio, subtitle tracks (also called PIDs) or get the full channel data.
- In other words, the TV Gateway is capable of processing the transport stream and send only the data you select or send full SPTS 

V@Home connection methods:

  • UPnP - browse your app or device's UPnP menu to watch live TV and recordings
  • M3U - the V@Home provides an automatically generated XML link to all your live TV channels
  • EPG - the V@Home grabs the free over the air EPG data provided by your TV service provider
    • XMLTV - the V@Home provides an automatic generated XMLTV EPG link, ideally for thin clients
    • EIT - if you have a TV server app you can feed all the unprocessed EPG data directly to it as well

PC and Mac

VLC iconVLC – Watch Live and Recorded TV directly from your VLC PC, Mac, iOS and Android application


Kodi-logoKodi – Support Live, Recorded TV and VBox@TV Remote control.
Use the newly developed VBox Kodi PVR Add-on or connect via UPnP or IPTV Simple, PVR add-on. More


MythTV logoMythTV – MythTV is a free and open source home entertainment application with a simplified "10-foot user interface" design for the living room, with the built in support for VBox adding live TV to MythTV was never simpler More

OpenELECOpenELEC - Connect to your OpenELEC device via UPnP, IPTV Simple PVR
Or connect the VBox TV Gateway to TVheadend and use the TVheadend PVR addon

TVheadend - learn how to connect to VBox TV Gateway   


M3U 				iconPlaylist - The V@Home TV Gateway automatically generates an M3U playlist of your selected channels, allowing you to easily switch between channels. 

Press the link for a list of additional UPnP applications

Tablet and Smartphone


Press the link for a list of V@Home supported 3rd party UPnP application for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile 

The VBox@TV app is your TV companion

VBox@TV is a free app that is with you on your laptop, tablet and smartphone, while you watch TV. It helps you discover, preview, schedule and record live TV shows. The VBox@TV app also revolutionizes the way you interact with your big screen TV, transforming your mobile devices into powerful remote control.

VBox@TV functions and looks the same across all your devices, bringing all your favorite TV channel in the same order as you set it up.

Home Screen



Live TV Screen



Electronic Program Guide – EPG

See full current and future program list with additional program information, switch directly to the live TV or schedule to watch or record a future program.



TV program – more information

Read the full TV show synopsis, schedule or record live TV show, remote control your big screen TV, all from a single location



Personal Zone – Whole House DVR console

The V@Home can record all Live TV programs both Free and Pay TV so you will never miss your favorite TV show again!

All recordings are stored on either a removable USB storage or on a network shared folder or a NAS and are available to watch from all your connected devices.

Similar to Live TV you can start to watch a recorded program on a device and continue to watch it, right where you left it off, on another device even in another room


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