WEB Browser – Connect to the VBox@TV web app
Watch Live and Recorded TV directly from your WEB browser

Requires VLC WEB plugin version 2.2.1 and up enabled

- Google Chrome1 - From version 30 to 42
- FireFox - From version 30 to 51
- Internet Explorer - From Version 10
- Safari - for Mac and PC

Connect manually

1. Make sure you have VLC1 player installed
2. Open File Explorer and located the V@Home in your Network folder
3. Right click the V@Home icon and choose “View device web page”
4. Click the “Play Live TV” button 
5. Save the page in your bookmark

1Learn how to enable VLC web plugin on Google Chrome ver 42


1. Make sure you have VLC web plugin installed
2. Open Safari and type your TV Gateway's IP address/liveTV 
-   for example:
3. Save the page in your bookmark