The Converged Power of Digital Broadcast and New Media 

In the home and in businesses, the demand for live stream TV and digital content, and the number of devices the average user can use to access it, continues to grow exponentially. However, both users and integrators continue to be frustrated by the complexity of cross-channel content consumption.

Now, products from VBox Communications implement both DVB to IP and IP over DVB technologies to deliver a powerful convergence solution that integrates cleanly with IP networks and leverages existing Ethernet, telephone and power line infrastructure. For home, enterprise, and retail usage, VBox enables cost-effective delivery of a truly converged content experience – encompassing traditional Free2Air broadcast, live strem TV broadcasts, pay TV, new media, OTT (Over the Top) and other content, and enabling integration of custom and advertising content. Converged content is simply and securely distributed to standard TVs, IP set-top boxes ,PCs, Internet-connected TVs, tablets, and other devices via standard home or enterprise network gateways. VBox's DVB to IP proficiency and IP over DVB capabilities bring users the content they want, cleanly and effectively.

The VBox product families include:

  • XTi TV Gateway Family - Maximize and Streamline In-Home Content Consumption with streaming DVB to IP Expertise

    The XTi  TV Gateway Family of products implement DVB to IP technology to bring live stream TV content to any device on the home network, while still maintaining full content protection, seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure. VBox creates a TV Gateway in the home. Turn the Home into a Media Gateway.
  • XLV Family - Bringing Streaming Live DTV and IP over DVB Datacasting to Enterprise IP Networks

    The XLV Family of products offers a complete solution for streaming direct TV (DTV) broadcasts and IP over DVB datacasting - ideal for Live stream TV and rich media distribution for Business TV, digital signage, hotels, universities, hospitals, corporations, retail, entertainment, e-learning, and a multitude of other uses. Enhance User Experience with IPTV Solutions.