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VBox Professional Solutions

Reception and Streaming of Digital TV live broadcasts over
IP networks, Serving Enterprise TV, Hospitality, Digital Signage,
Entertainment, eLearning, and more

Across all sectors, organizations are seeking cost-effective solutions to stream live
broadcast TV over their current IP networks.

Cost-Effective Video Delivery over IP

VBox has developed cost-effective solutions to help these organizations optimally leverage investment in IP infrastructure for the delivery of a wide range of content. Use cases include Business TV applications, digital signage, hotels, universities, hospitals, corporations, retail, entertainment, e-learning, and a multitude of other applications.

The XLV line of products from VBox implements DVB to IP expertise to enable reception and streaming of Digital TV live stream broadcast over IP networks. XLV products also allow reception of IP data over DVB and retransmission through the IP network, concurrent with ongoing video and audio transmissions – delivering robust inter- and intra-organizational network communications abilities. XLV products rapidly integrate into existing network environments, are easy to use and maintain remotely, offering competitive price-performance ratios.

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Typical Applications and Functionality

  • Digital Signage Transform any TV screen into a digital signage device to inform, convince and advertise.
  • Enterprise TV Distribute multiple TV channels and video to any device across the enterprise networks, for various purposes, including rich media sales materials, company updates and trainings.
  • eLearning Stream webinars, lectures, to educate and share training and educational materials with remote students and employees.
  • Entertainment Offer broadcast-quality TV and video entertainment to employees, guests, and customers, on any device, leveraging the corporate network.
  • Hospitality Offer an enhanced guest experience in-room and across the facility, delivering broadcast-quality multiple TV channels, local tourism information, and more.
  • Car & Vehicle Media System For trains, buses, trucks and cars.
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