VBox Advantages

  • Cost-effective deployment
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Standards compliance
  • Support for multiple viewing devices
  • Centralized network-based PVR system with distributed recording and playback
  • Minimal and cost effective in-home wiring
  • Security and content protection
  • Unified seamless user-experience

Better Value for Enterprise, Retail, and Hospitality Clients

Enterprise, retail and hospitality industry clients are actively seeking more efficient and cost-effective content delivery and distribution methods. From live broadcast TV, through premium content services, and including rich media broadband content – getting the right content to right user, via the right channel, while maximizing infrastructure ROI is key to maintaining profitability and competitive edge.

To meet client needs and differentiate their offerings, integrators need portable, durable, and reliable solutions that enable access to live streaming TV, satellite, cable and DTT broadcasts, recorded media, and VOD across the enterprises – on TVs, PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other IP-enabled devices. These solutions need to offer full branding flexibility, be easily-implemented, support a variety of platforms, and seamlessly integrate with existing networks.


Enrich your Enterprise with Live TV Streaming Online

The VBox Media Gateway

DVB to IP and IP over DVB Solutions from VBox enable integrators to deliver their clients in the enterprise, retail, and hospitality sectors:

  • An inexpensive convergence solution, implementing both DVB to IP and IP over DVB expertise, that integrates cleanly with existing networks, leveraging existing Ethernet, telephone and power line infrastructure, decreasing cabling overhead, and supporting wireless networks.
  • Remote management and maintenance to rapidly address customer problems and lower support costs.
  • Compliance with leading standards like UDP, DLNA and UPnP, enabling rapid integration of existing technology, future proofing, and quick time to market.
  • Support for TVs, IP STB, cell phones, media players, iPads, game consoles, laptops and tablet computers.
  • Complete security and content protection, using accepted broadcast industry standards.