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VBox TV Gateway

VBox TV Gateway delivers up to 4k Live TV content to your home from a variety
of sources, and recasts to your devices, all through a single TV router.

Live TV



On the GO

Which VBox TV Gateway is right for me?

Terrestrial DVB-T/T2

Original price was: €114.00.Current price is: €79.00.


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Original price was: €114.00.Current price is: €79.00.


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The VBox TV Gateway gives you the freedom to watch and the freedom to record broadcast quality digital Live TV channels on any device, like Smart TVs, tablets, smartphones and computers, enhancing your TV experience.

VBox TV Gateway connects to Free-To-Air Live TV channels from Cable or Terrestrial Antenna TV sources, cutting you from monthly television subscription fees. VBox TV Gateway allows you to enjoy and view your Live and recorded TV content both online and offline, with multiple users and devices, all using the VBox apps.

Supported Apps and Devices

Join our customers worldwide

Great buy. Works well, easy to setup in minutes, very pleased
Charles, UK
I am very thankful for the VBoxcomm team, for excellent after-sales service
Thira, Thailand
I can now receive the live TV DVB-T channels in IP streaming in all my house. Everything works immediately, easily and perfectly
Thierry, UK
One of the most serious companies in the field giving such excellent and fast support service (emphasizing fast!!!) over time and throughout both customer and technical support
Lior, Israel
Bought a VBox, connected it to my Kodi streamer and NAS and disconnected my cable provider. Thank you for liberating me!
George, UK
Works great! Easily installed and streams to all my devices. It records shows I want to watch later
Amirchov, Germany
No complaints relating to the VBox so far - it seems an excellent piece of equipment
Brian, UK
I have a VBox TV gateway. It's very good product, I love it.
Zoltan, Hungary
The VBox Gateway is an excellent solution for live TV and is being constantly improved
Alan, UK
Can’t say how I’m impressed with this device, it ticks all the boxes
David, UK