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The VBox Android TV Gateway Newsletter is made especially for you, our VBox Family member!
To keep you informed with all of VBox’s updates, news and events.

Thank you for purchasing our newest device The VBox Android TV Gateway and for being a part of the VBox Family.

We hope you enjoy your VBox Android TV Gateway experience and that you find this newsletter valuable. Please share with us your feedback and suggestions to help us improve.

What's New?

Software Updates


VBox keeps striving to improve the VBox TV Gateway experience and to deliver the best performance possible.


Updated Versions:


‘VBox Live TV’ App for Android version: 1.23
Software version: 2.66


  • New and improved logo setting page.
  • Enhanced channel properties backup, restore and online updates.
  • Stability and bug fixes.


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App Updates


New VBox Live TV iOS App is now available on the App Store.




Learn how to enable Plex with your VBox Gateway and VBox Android TV Gateway.


How to enable Plex Guide

Full User Manual


Find the full user manual guide suited for your device:

XTi 4134 – DVB-S/S2

XTi 4144/4174 – DVB-C/T/T2/ATSC/ISDBT


For more information and user guides, visit our Support Page.



The VBox Products:

Learn more at Product Comparison

VBox Android TV
Gateway for Aerial/Antenna

XTi 4144 for DVB-T/T2


VBox Android TV Gateway
for Over-The-Air Antenna

XTi 4174 for ATSC


VBox Android TV
Gateway for Satellite

XTi 4134 for DVB-S/S2


VBox Android TV
Gateway for Cable

XTi 4144 for DVB-C


VBox TV Gateway for Terrestrial – DVB-T/T2

XTi 3442


VBox TV Gateway for Cable

XTi 3452


Android TV

Live TV



On the GO

Supported Apps and Devices