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Press Release

VBox Releases XTi TV Gateway DVR for Telcos – Improving OTT Services and Reducing Ownership Costs!

February 23, 2014

Merging Broadcast Live TV and Over-The-Top content on a single interface across devices
Mobile World Congress 2014, Barcelona, Spain – February 23, 2014, VBox Communications Ltd, a leading IPTV innovator debut the XTi TV Gateway for telecommunication companies (teleco), adding value to Over-The-Top (OTT) content by merging broadcast Free-To-Air (FTA) HDTV with the teleco’s OTT content, without using any internet bandwidth or data plan.

Alongside the XTi TV Gateway, VBox is announcing the availability of its Software Development Kit (SDK) designed to accelerate the integration of the VBox TV Gateway product line with the teleco’s existing applications and software design language. Build on market standard, the SDK allows development of native iOS, Android and HTML5 based applications, easily bringing the full advantages of the VBox TV Gateway to existing or future applications.

Recent market research indicates that consumers still prefer to watch live TV; VBox is set to upgrade any OTT service with free or premium, live TV HD broadcast. Increasing the value of the service with content the consumer needs (FTA) and wants (OTT). A single XTi TV Gateway can replace many dedicated Set-Top-Boxes, delivering FTA and OTT content to connected and mobile devices without any installation, reducing cost of ownership.

“The VBox’s solution is designed to improve the conversion rate of the OTT service as both FTA and OTT channels are accessible from the same interface increasing the OTT exposure.” Said Amir Aharonovich, VBox’s VP marketing “The SDK enables telecos and software developers to easily add live video feed with full DVR functionality and EPG to their applications; improving the value of their service while maintaining their ecosystem. With the SDK we expect to see software developers bring the VBox TV gateway to areas we couldn’t think off, developing new exciting services and improving the way we consume TV”

Pricing and availability
XTi TV Gateway and SDK are now available for DVB-S/S2, DVB-T and DVB-C supported regions, worldwide.

For further product information, visit www.VboxComm.com

About VBox
VBox Communications Ltd., Founded in 2001, partially held by Optibase (NASDAQ: OBAS), a provider of consumer-premises-equipment for digital TV broadcast. VBox develops a wide range of digital TV reception capabilities, including handling of encrypted content for Pay TV services and delivery of high-quality video, audio and data services. VBox provides routers and gateways for data reception and high-quality digital content convergence from digital broadcast to LAN environments, with customers ranging from broadcast, telecos and consumers.

Media Contact
Amir Aharonovich
+33 1 77 47 18 86

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