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Get ArabSat, HotBird & Badr satellite broadcast
On any device, anywhere, anytime!

Mixing too many channels and TV providers?
Do you want to watch all your favorite TV shows from all over the world by using one single satellite TV-box? Look no further!

VBox Satellite Android TV Gateway allows you to Watch & Record Live TV channels, from up to 4 different satellite sources, delivered up to 4k, on any device, anywhere, by multiple users at the same time. All Free from monthly fees!

Watch Al Jazeera HD, Saudi 1, MBC 2, Dzair TV, Al Arabiya and more!

Buy your VBox Android TV Gateway NOW

And start enjoying your favorite Live TV channels

VBox Android TV
Gateway for Satellite

XTi 4134 for DVB-S/S2

Original price was: €179.00.Current price is: €139.00.

Android TV

Live TV



On the GO


VBox Satellite Ecosystem


  1. Live Broadcast TV is sent out by TV channels providers
  2. Captured by Satellite and connected to your VBox
  3. VBox records programs on to your USB, SD Card or NAS storage
  4. Streams and recasts live and recorded content to the connected devices
  5. Turn multiple devices into TV screens- Smart TVs, Smartphones, Tablets, PCs and more.

One box. Many TV options.


The VBox Android TV Gateway gives you many TV options to choose from. You can watch your favorite Live TV channels, delivered up to 4k, on any device, without using your bandwidth or data plan. You can watch and record live or scheduled TV programs, view multiple channels simultaneously – all FREE from monthly television subscription fees.


VBox Android TV Gateway enables you to add an Over-The-Air Electronic Program Guide or to add your own Electronic Program Guide in order to view all the information you need to enjoy your full TV & broadcast experience.


The VBox Android TV Gateway hybrid device brings you the unique combination of Live TV channels and OTT online streaming content and apps, for an improved entertainment experience.

What channels do I get?


The list of Live TV channels and broadcasts you will get depends on your location and the satellite frequency you will choose.


Find out the satellite TV channels available locally – List of Satellite TV channels by country


If you need any help or more info, feel free to contact us and ask.

Supported Apps and Devices