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VBOX Support



What are VBox products?

VBox products bring multi-user and multi-device Live TV broadcast, as well as DVR capabilities to any device connected to your home network. With VBox, you can experience TV on your terms, making TV viewing and recording flexible and seamless across Smart TVs, smartphones, streamers, PC & Mac, tablets, game consoles, and more.

What are the differences between the VBox Android TV Gateway and the VBox TV Gateway?

Both devices stream broadcast-quality Live TV channels up to 4K and recast them to the screen of your choice. The devices’ multi-room DVR capabilities, allows you to watch and record shows on any device, like Smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, and computers.

The VBox Android TV Gateway runs certified Android TV OS, and delivers both OTT content and streams up to 4K Live TV channels.

However, the VBox TV Gateway is a stand-alone network tuner that streams and recasts broadcast live TV.

VBox TV Gateway is a dual-tuner, whereas the VBox Android TV gateway is a quad-tuner.

For further details, consult the product comparison information here.

Do I pay any monthly fees to use VBox?

VBox does not charge any subscription fees.

What do I need to use VBox?
  • TV Source (Depending on your product):
    • Satellite DVB-S / DVB-S2- Satellite dish TV, coaxial cable with “F” type male connector to connect the device to the dish or using an RF1 UNIcable.
    • Cable DVB-C- Cable TV
    • Terrestrial DVB-T / DVB-T2 / ISDB-T/ ATSC – HD Antenna or Aerial Terrestrial Antenna
  • Android® or iOS® device, PC/Mac connected to the network
  • Wireless broadband WiFi router – 802.11n at 5MHz or higher
  • USB 2.0 hard drive, high-performance USB Flash Drive or NAS

Live TV

Does VBox work remotely and on-the-go?

The VBox TV Gateway allows accessing your VBox device at home remotely and stream Live TV to connected devices on-the-go, over WiFi or Cellular data connection.

How many Live TV channels can be watched and recorded simultaneously?

VBox Android TV Gateway has four tuners, for a minimum of four Free-To-Air/ Over-The-Air simultaneous channels.

VBox TV Gateway has two tuners, for a minimum of two Free-To-Air/ Over-The-Air simultaneous channels.

VBox allows you to set streaming of additional channels per tuner, coming from the same frequency, to increase the number of people watching simultaneously. For additional information and further instructions, please refer to paragraph 7.6.1- Limit single channel streaming per UPnP client, in the Full User Manual.

What is the right source of local live TV?

In most countries, Terrestrial Networks are the TV source in use. Click here for a list of Terrestrial networks available in your county.

Satellite and Cable TV networks may also be available in your country.

Click here for Cable TV by region.

Click here for a list of Satellite channels available in your country.

Android TV

Is VBox a certified Android TV?

Yes. The VBox Android TV Gateway is a certified Android TV device by Google, running on Android TV OS.

Do I have to use VBox Android TV Gateway as Android TV or can it be used as stand alone TV Gateway?

The VBox Android TV Gateway device allows you to choose whether to use it as a stand-alone TV Gateway device, recasting and recording Live TV to all connected and mobile devices, or connect it to your TV via HDMI and use it as Android TV interface device.

Is Chromecast built in the VBox?

Yes. As a certified Android TV device, the VBox Android TV Gateway has Chromecast built in.

Which Android TV applications does VBox support?

As a certified Android TV device, VBox supports every application that can be found locally on the Android TV Google Play Store or in different APKs. However, some applications require more specific certifications and VBox is constantly striving to provide our users with all applications.

With VBox you can use applications and reach them in different ways, such as, the mirror feature in Google to mirror every application found on your smartphone to your TV set. Moreover, you can use APKs from previous versions and Chromecast. For example, Netflix can be watched by using the mirror feature or using the 4.16.1 version of the app.

How do I adjust the screen size on my VBox Android TV?
  1. Go to the Android TV menu
  2. Settings>Video Output>Maintain aspect ration>select “Extrude”.
  3. Video aspect ratio>select “Auto”.


How many people can watch recorded content at the same time?

VBox does not limit the number of people watching simultaneously. The number of devices that can be used to watch the recorded program is determined by the capacity of the home network and the performance of the storage device.

Where are content recordings saved?

TV shows are recorded and saved on your external storage, USB flash drive or SD card or NAS. The recorded media content is stored on the home network and remotely accessed, so that you enjoy the freedom to record as many programs as you want, and watch them anywhere, anytime.

What format should you configure USB flash drive?

The recommended format is NTFS so you can save recordings over 4 gigabytes.

Can I record, schedule recordings and watch recordings on-the-go?

The VBox Android TV Gateway and the VBox TV Gateway allows you to take your DVR to go and watch recorded content, both online and offline, on any device, anywhere. Also allows you to remotely access your recordings at your home network, and watch or schedule recordings online.

Why doesn’t the VBox Android TV Gateway recognize my USB storage device?

This troubleshoot may appear when the USB is connected during the Android TV configuration stage, prior to the “VBox TV Gateway ” Setup stage.

Once the connection has been made between the storage device and Android TV, the storage device will become unavailable for recordings by “VBox Live TV” app.

To avoid this- when setting up Android TV with USB storage already connected, you will be notified that a “USB Drive Connected”. Click “Back” when this message appears and continue with the settings. Later on, as you will set up your TV channels, instructions on how to set the recording location will appear.

This message may also appear in the devices “Notifications” and can also be found in the Settings>Storage & Reset. In all cases exit the message without selecting a setting.

Therefore, we recommend you to connect the USB storage device during the “VBox TV Gateway” setup.

Picture and Sound

What is the picture and sound quality I get with VBox?

The VBox Android TV Gateway and VBox TV Gateway both stream Live TV in broadcast quality, up to 4k, depending on the TV service and the Over-The-Air channel.

While away from your router or with low WiFi network reception, the VBox Android TV Gateway’s transcoding capabilities allow you to set the bit rate of the video from 240P to 1080P.

Both VBox Android TV Gateway and VBox TV Gateway stream Full HD 1080p and surround sound – For amazing TV experience.

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