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The XLV device technology brings together the advantages of Unicast and Multicast for an enhanced Live TV Multicast experience.
The XLV operates in UDP mode and recasts live TV in Multicast format throughout your ecosystem over the network.

Thanks to VBox on-demand technology, you can enjoy the benefits of Multicast streaming capabilities with Unicasts targeted distribution,
saving you bandwidth and distributing efficiently.

To learn more about this special ability, see Chapter 5.2 in the XLV User Guide "Managing Multicast Distribution".

Learn about the VBox apps and other compatible apps

VBox Live TV App for Live TV Multicast

To offer rich and outstanding entertainment experience for the end-users, we’ve created a special app for Android devices,
the ‘VBox Live TV’ app, for XLV Family.

The ‘VBox Live TV’ App gives you the optimal TV experience, by bringing Live TV channels in broadcast quality to the users connected to your network without. The 'VBox Live TV app' is available for free on Google Play Store.

  • Share live TV programs with connected Android devices
  • Watch live TV in full broadcast quality
  • Zapping between all your live TV channels was never easier
  • Discover new TV programs with the program guide and info

Simply install the “VBox Live TV” app from the Google Play on Android TV / Android device, run the application and select your XLV device. The application will detect your device as XLV, suggesting you to run in UDP Mode. Accept this mode by clicking on OK.

Note: If you missed this setting you can change the settings by entering the application Settings and in the General entry to change the “UDP Support (XLV Only)” to “ON”. The Application will be closed itself and after you reopen it, it will work in UDP Mode.

UPnP Enabled Apps

VBox supports UPnP enabled PVR servers, applications and UPnP devices allowing you to stream TV on your terms.

Watch Live TV directly from your VLC player application.