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Release Note

VBox TV Gateway software version 2.66

What’s New:

  • Added channels’ logo setting page – supports easy downloading, uploading and setting (Drag & Drop) channels’ logos
  • Added support for backing-up and restoring Setup settings (allow settings restore after system reset) [Supported by VT devices (VBox Android TV) only]
  • Added support for backing-up and restoring Channel properties (Auto backup upon changing channels settings such as logo, name etc.)
  • Updated list of DVBT frequencies for Thailand, Colombia, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Improved support for On-line Software update
  • Added support for on-line channel properties update (to set new LCN, channel’s name, logo and remove channels from channel list)
  • Improved off-line debugging – auto-save crash log file in case a service crashes
  • Stability and bugs fixes

Supported Apps and Devices